Cloud Infrastructure, Decentralized.

the photon network

An open, decentralized, and lightning fast network for the future of web technologies.

No Vendor Lock-Ins

Seamlessly switch between Cloud providers at any time, Photon allows you to enjoy the best offerings from all providers and get notified of new technologies and significant changes.

Simplified DevOps

Photon’s Serverless framework allows your applications to optimize regionally and scale globally. Made from the ground up for developers, not admins.

Fast and Reliable

With Photon’s multi-cloud network you receive the performance of a CDN at the price of on-demand. On Photon’s decentralized system you no longer have to worry about a single point of failure with your applications and databases replicated across data centers around the world.

the system behind

Photon Platform


Global Scale

Photon empowers over 4,000 data centers that connect in a decentralized network and allow customers to deploy and schedule applications across different providers.

Built for hyper, warehouse, and planetary scale, Photon’s container-based framework allows various cloud service providers to provision thousands of containers in seconds. The foundational elements of Photon — scheduling and fault tolerance — are built on years of experience running production scale system for hyper-scale organizations.


Local Efficiency

At any given time Photon ensures applications have the exact amount of resources required without the overhead.

Photon manages placement of applications, automatically managing your scaling and allocation of workloads efficiently. In early Beta testing, Photon was able to increase machine efficiency by as much as 5x.


Elastic Fault Tolerance

Failures happen. From natural disasters to memory leaks, real-world workloads are always at risk of being shut down unexpectedly.

Photon is designed from the ground-up for a fault-tolerant infrastructure platform. Workloads running on the Photon network are distributed across multiple datacenters and will be re-provisioned the moment that any failure is detected.



Workload security is a fundamental challenge for cloud infrastructure and networked computing in general.

Photon mitigates the security risks of distributed computing with a three-pronged approach: isolated execution environments, encrypted communications channels, and a certification program for data center providers.

photon demo

See How It Works

and there’s more


Intuitive CLI

A simple and intuitive utility to manage all aspects of clusters and applications

Composable API

Powerful and easy to use RPC and REST API to extend OvrClk

Application-centric Management

Simplicity of PaaS with the flexibility of IaaS and enables you to run much more than just 12-factor apps

Auto Scaling

Configurable scaling in response to sudden increases in application load

Self Healing

Auto-placement, auto-restart, and auto-replication using immutable application images to recover from faults due to erosions and natural disasters

Service Discovery

Dynamic DNS for auto discovering services and applications inside and outside of the cluster

Cloud Peering

Securely connect Photon to existing infrastructure

Global Virtual Private Network

Single integrated global network backed by TLS based OpenVPN

Planetary and Warehouse Scale

Instantaneous scaling to thousands of instances across the globe

Vault Backed Security

Secure vault to manage sensitive information such as API keys, passwords and certificates with Leasing and Renewal

Real Time Logging and Telemetry

Rapid analysis of application performance output to logs

Flexible Release Management

Git and Docker based atomic application deployments with powerful controls for orchestrating deployment workflows

Buildpack Deployments

Out of the box buildpacks to instantly build and run applications build with go, ruby, node.js, java and more

SOA and Multi-Tenant Ready

Out of the box buildpacks to instantly build and run applications build with go, ruby, node.js, java and more

Linux Containers

Containers running on a single machine start instantly and make more efficient use of RAM by sharing the same operating system kernel

Powered by Google Kubernetes

Built on years of experience running production scale system at Google

the people behind

Team Photon


Greg Osuri

Founder & CEO

Open source author of libraries used by Kubernetes and Ubuntu with over 25M downloads. Founder and Frm. CTO of AngelHack. Worked at Demandbase, IBM


Adam Bozanich

Founder & CTO

Inventor of network protocol fuzzing. Worked at PagerDuty, One Kings Lane, Symantec


Gregory Gopman

Founder & COO

Serial Entrepreneur. Frm. Founder & CEO, AngelHack


Aaron Stein

Software Engineer

Creator of crypto-trader

Nick Alesandro

VP of Product

Allison Silber

Head of Operations

the people behind

Advisors & Investors

Auren Hoffman

Frm. CEO of LiveRamp. Frm. Co-founder of BrighRoll

Steven Fan

Head of Investments, Tencent

Charles Songhurst

Frm. Head of Global Strategy, Microsoft

Brandon Goldman

Frm. Founder, Freshpay. Frm. Lead Software Architect, Blockfolio